The Room of Doom

In tandem with the Room of Doom segment of Collector's Closet (my monthly column in Tips & Tricks magazine), I'm collecting pictures of gamers' ultimate game rooms. You know... that gaming area where everything is crammed into as tight a spot as possible. You might even get some good storage ideas from these pics, because let's face it - there's NEVER enough room for all of the STUFF.

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North wall: sunlight (ack!) streams in above some 3DO games, perched in front of them are Coleco tabletop units. there's a Virtual Boy on the counter-top to the left. hanging next to the window are some Activision patches and just below that, one of the two Vectrex systems we commonly play with. North wall: the other Vectrex is just to the right, alongside the Adventurevision. behind that, a loose ColecoVision game collection. Loose Nintendo games are behind the Millipede mobile. East wall: on the shelves are the nicer boxed titles for Atari 2600 and 5200, just to the right are the Intellivision boxes. Below, a custom-made storage rack holds over 350 Atari 2600 games. East wall: here's the rest of that wall. Intellivision occupies the three top shelves to the right.
West wall: various things tucked into this corner, blocking my way into the drawers (pics below). North wall: when you open the closet behind the hanging marquees, this is what you see. Game Gear, Arcadia, Vectrex,, books, and miscellaneous peripherals are kept in here. Note the "gun rack" on the door. East wall: under the counter-top is this opening where more stuff is packed in. Facing out are more NES games and a small cache of import Atari 2600 carts. Pull this back... East wall: ...and you see my video game board game collection , some portable gaming stuff and more miscellaneous items that didn't have a home.
North Wall: pull open the top left drawer and find some of my Astrocade games and the older PlayStation stuff. North Wall: the top drawer second from the left has some boxed SNES games. East Wall: the top drawer on the left side has my Fairchild Channel F carts, and some of the better Commodore 64, VIC-20, and Atari 8-bit carts. Also my loose Vectrex carts here. East Wall: the top drawer on the right side has most of my import Atari 2600 cartridges, and my Lynx stuff.
North Wall: the middle drawer on the left side has Odyssey and Videopac stuff. North Wall: the middle drawer, second from the left has Atari 5200 stuff. East Wall: the bottom drawer on the left side has mostly boxed Atari 2600 games. East Wall: the bottom drawer on the right side has miscellaneous ColecoVision stuff, and a few Intellivision items.
North Wall: the bottom drawer on the left side has boxed Atari 2600 import stuff, some controllers and other miscellaneous homeless items. North Wall: the bottom drawer, second from the left has mostly 3DO goodies. South Wall: packed in under the staircase are a PC-FX, Video Brain and some oddball peripherals. Also complete Sega 32X and Atari 7800 US game libraries. under the Pac-man pillow is a CD storage cabinet with PlayStation games. South/West corner: still under the staircase, two CD storage units with PlayStation games. Behind that, two shelving units with boxed NES games. Between the shelving units, most of the Sega Master System boxed games. Sega Saturn games are stacked up to the right.
South Wall: just in front of the steps are some of the Dreamcast, PlayStation, and CD-i games. West Wall: much of the Genesis collection can be seen here, the monitor is running whatever console we're in the mood for (Dreamcast at the moment). Between the shelves of Genesis games are some of the PC Engine imports and Neo-Geo cartridges. West Wall: the rest of the Genesis collection is here. The monitor is dedicated to a MAME-dedicated PC with a HotRod SE arcade quality joystick. Behind the table is a complete TurboGrafx-16 HuCard collection and a portion of a complete Sega CD collection. North/East corner: just a further-back peek at this side for perspective.
On the other side of the wall is the storage area, where the DP publications are kept, as well as trade items. Some of the collection is kept in this room, mainly the hardware. The rest of the storage area. My wife insists that this room is to be used for laundry. The upstairs room has our only coin-op machine, which runs Punch-Out!.Super Punch-Out!, and Arm Wrestling. Piles of stuff that I have no idea what to do with litter the corners. The back corner of the upstairs room, mostly hardware storage.
The drawers under the Laseractive system have TRS-80 hardware and cartridges. Doesn't get opened much :) All of the TI-99/4A goods are kept up here as well. This drawer has the boxed stuff... ...and this drawer has mostly loose Ti-99/4A carts. Here's where we do most of our playing! Now playing: Dreamcast and PS2. Hidden in that DVD rack are Xbox and GameCube games though I have to admit... I'm "retro" and rarely find a new title worth playing, let alone collecting.

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